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Exchanging Invoicing and Timesheet Data through the Freshbooks API   Whitepaper  
Resizing Images for Maximum Quality

WebConnect Presentations

Multiple Apps, One Server - One App, Many Sites
Really easy PDF output generation
Mixing Web Connection and Client Side Scripting

Case Studies

Calendar and Task Scheduler
Mixing Web Connection and Client Side Scripting

Other Resources

VFP Table of MIME types assoc with file extensions

Structural Engineer Magazine

They don't know what they know
April 2003
Criminalizing Fair Use
March 2003
XML for CAD?
February 2003
New Years Resolutions
January 2003
Toys for the Holiday
December 2002
Knowledge Retention
November 2002
Building profits or reducing costs?
October 2002
Freedom of Information
September 2002
Designing Storage Space
August 2002
Whither Corporate Knowledge?
July 2002
What are your computer resources doing at night?
June 2002
Herding Cats
May 2002
Progress in other fields
April 2002
Information Security Starts at Home
March 2002
Enhance productivity with R&D
Feb 2002
Successful IT
Jan 2002
Disaster Recovery
December 2001
November 2001
Losing our Memory
October 2001
On Software Rights
September 2001
The State of Project Extranets
August 2001
Archiving Lessons from the World's Wealthiest
July 2001
A Granular Infrastructure Improves Reliability
June 2001
The Data Explosion
May 2001
The Latest News
April 2001
On-line Collaboration requires a Lingua Franca
March 2001
Feb 2001
Stop Buying Software
Jan 2001

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