Ideate, LLC designs business solutions using various technologies. Our clients have often found it too difficult and expensive to host VFP based Internet solutions using conventional Internet Service Providers, so have developed the expertise and the upstream partners to host them ourselves.

Our customers demand reasonable rates and high reliability - so we can pass these features on to the rest of the developer community!

Ideate, LLC has been developing custom desktop and networked database applications since 1991, and has been using Rapid Application Development tools to design Internet solutions since 2000. Michael Hogan is a frequent speaker at Visual FoxPro user groups and WebConnection events, and has written extensively.

Not enough power for you? If you need a separate networked SQL Server or a load balanced web farm, contact DNG Solutions for a custom hosted solution:

Michael Hogan, originally a licensed building Architect, wrote database applications for the building trades since the early 1980's. He now develops in Visual FoxPro and Web application languages -Writing Web, Desktop and Networked applications, and solves many business issues through application integration and workflow analysis. He brings the problem-solving techniques of the Architect to the business problems his applications solve.

Michael has worked independently and with other developers to produce applications for businesses both small and large.

He has written and spoken extensively for both the Architectural/Construction community (pioneering CADD/Database Application Integration techniques) and for the Programming community through national and regional conferences. He has a particular expertise in web-based business applications, where many different technologies are combined to solve real business needs in a cohesive way.

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